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Twistmaster The Ultimate Hair Styling Tool.
Twistmaster Creates Styles As Easy As 1-2-3.

From classic French Twist To Cone Rows and Wild looks, Sexy Curls and more.

Ideal For:
  • Hair dressers who have carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Styling your friends hair.
  • Celebrity hair styles.
  • Parents to use on Kids.
  • Professional stylists save up to 60% off their time when using the twistmaster.
  • Battery operated NO heat.
  • Sexy Curls

    Take a desired section of dry hair and place in the FORK attachment.

    Simply push button to roll the hair. Release the FORK attachment by pulling it out. Secure the hair with clips provided. Spray with strong hold hair spray and wait until it dries.

    Take the clips off and run your fingers thru to create beautiful curls and waves.
    1. Take while holding Twistmaster horizontal or upside down, take pie shapes sections of hair, place it in HOOK of tool, while holding the hair at the other end with your other hand, push button on until twisted to desired shape. Turn off when done.
    2. Release hair from Twistmaster tool by sliding hair through loop.
    3. Secure hair with bobby pins (provided).
    4. Repeat 1-3 until desired hairstyle is achieved.
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